Artisans Baroque. Cervera and the art of his time

In ancient Library of the University of Cervera
One of the chapters highlights the Baroque era in Catalonia Cervera happened in the first decades of the eighteenth century. The importance of the establishment of the university, embodied in the construction of one of the most important civil architecture of the period, went accompanied by a rise in Cervera society that was expressed through the artistic commission architecture. Under the umbrella of institutional modernity, but also continued to shelter a craft tradition that perpetuates through his brushes and gouges commissioned art that came occurring from the Middle Ages, consisting meet the needs of worship Cervera and devotion. One of the architects recently "rediscovered" was Bernard Amoros,
The exhibition seeks to explain a start in the cultural landscape of the baroque Cervera by now have so little recovered, placing it in an incredibly fertile time and a moment for the country, in line with what have already Solsona, Manresa or Mataró as a major center of the Baroque Catalan. The municipality and the university claim the craftsman and his world as the creator of the imaginary mental and spiritual time and time; this is the major axis in different areas want to explain an exhibition highlight universe and dense artistic and cultural landscape in the window of the century. Portraits, models, paintings, sculptures, silverware, drawings, plans, etc., carefully selected for the occasion, will shape the speech that visually rich past of the city in a frame,
The exhibition was curated by Joan Yeguas Miralpeix and Francis, curator of the MNAC and professor at the University of Girona respectively experts in the artistic manifestations of the period and author of numerous scholar on the subject.


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