The Museum

The current Museum of Cervera is a whole museum complex, the result of the sum of three museums tradition: the old Cervera Museum, the Museum of the Wheat and the peasantry, and finally the Casa Museu Duran Sanpere. 

Duran House Museum and Sanpere

Ground floor:
Where they were originally linked to the more the farm house. There are currently installing the exhibition "I'm 93," the temporary exhibition hall and exhibition areas with reference.

First floor:
Ancestral home of the family Duran Sanpere. It is a bourgeois house of the late nineteenth century, which preserves inside both the furniture as much of everyday life that wore the house.

You can combine a total of 900 pieces, including objects own a property in use.

Second floor:
Originally this area was reserved for the service of the house, and it was also where they celebrated the traditional pig slaughter. Today is where we find the technical spaces of the museum.

Information of the Museum
Permanent Exhibitions Information


Wheat and Farming Museum

The Museum of Wheat and Farming is an ethnographic museum. Presents a significant sample of the material culture of the various activities of rural life. The collection consists of objects of the rooms of the house and typically domestic activities, field work, preparation of products, traditional crafts ...
The Museum of Wheat and Farming has experienced a long history of transfers. At present, is temporarily closed awaiting a new location.