Duration: 1 hour
Where: Casa Duran and Sanpere
Audience: primary and secondary school
Places: groups of up to 25 students
Price: on demand

Tour the Casa Museu Duran Sanpere boosted by four iBooks that will guide the students through the different rooms of the house and will address four thematic curriculum .

Theme of each iBook:

How can you find? Health and hygiene

In this iBook will cover topics on the inhabitants of the house, health and hygiene during the nineteenth century.

How is that? Matter and energy
This is about the matter and energy of the Casa Duran, heating lighting, kitchen ...

Where is the button? Technology and society
The main theme of this iBook is the technology that will guide the students through the rooms of the museum to search for technological innovations that lies behind objects and items hidden in the house.

Who lives in the house? People, culture and society
Here the subject is the society of the nineteenth century, as was his day to day, the parties that were in the house, the role of men and women ...

Dossier Pedàgogic

To make a booking should be addressed to:
Phone: 973 53 39 17