UDL Summer Course
Registration for summer courses of the University of Lleida is now open!
As every year, the Museum Network of Lleida and Aran, in collaboration with the University of Lleida and plays host to a year we spent together:

Museums and heritage in the region. What to keep? Procurement policies and criteria

Date: 10 11 (Lleida) and 12 (Cervera) July
Location: Campus Cappont (Lleida) and deposit Cultural Heritage Cervera

More information:

Summer University website:  http://www.udl.cat/ca/serveis/estiu/
Course Network: http://www.udl.cat/ca/serveis/estiu/Cursos/museus/
Program in pdf:  http://www.udl.cat/export/sites/universitat-lleida/ca/serveis/estiu/.galleries/PDF/2019/01L9.pdf

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